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The History of the Cleveland House on the Ocean

"If just one persons life is saved as a direct result, it is worth the effort"

Best 12 Step Recovery  on the Ocean
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Located in Hollywood Beach, Florida
Best in Quality Sober Living


Our History - Providing only the Best Opportunity


The Cleveland was founded in 2002 in world famous Hollywood Beach, Florida. One of South Florida's most popular tourist areas, with a lot to offer our residents.


Each year millions of vacationers from around the world visit South Florida, and specifically Hollywood Beach for it has a clean wholesome "family value" atmosphere, providing  much enjoyment for people of all ages.


Property became available, and our director envisioned that those new to sobriety deserve to be encouraged and enjoy a "New Way of Life". To have every opportunity available to maintain a "Sober Life Style" that would last a life time.


That a safe and secure rewarding environment would be great, and allow a unique and different approach for those new to "12 Step Recovery".


That those whom would live here, referred to as residents would be truly happy and have every "Bell and Whistle" available. To be allowed, to enjoy life to it's fullest.


To learn a "New Way of Life" and that this environment would make such an impression and provide such an opportunity, that it would last life time. That living a "Sober Life Style', is the most important aspect we provide.


Having this vision and burning desire to provide the above mentioned, the property was purchased, renovated and became what is now known to be the Cleveland House. "100 Steps from the Ocean and 12 Steps to a New Way of Life".


From the beginning, a few requirements where determined necessary and has set the course of success regarding our residents for many years.


That our residents have a desire to "Live a Sober Life Style", that "Alcohol and Drugs" would not be tolerated and that all would apply the "12 Step Principles of Recovery" to their lives and make a decision to do so, prior to living at the Cleveland House.


Over the years placing these principles and values first, our management team and former residents can attest to the many wonderful miracles that have taken place at out "Sober Living Resort". "It's just another Day in Paradise", living here.


Our history is important, but what the Cleveland House is doing today is of more importance. That providing "12 Step Recovery as a Way of Life" is of the greatest importance of all, offered to those whom simply have a desire to change.


A resident of the Cleveland House must stay sober, while enjoying life to the fullest, and have a good time. As a result wonderful memories and new friends are obtained.


If just one persons life is saved as a direct result, it is worth the effort. If you need help, just call us Toll Free at 1-888-80-SOBER. You will be very glad you did.




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The12 Step Recovery Help and Resource Center is a Public Service Provided by the Cleveland House.

If you need help, just call us. Your life is the most important aspect of all.

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