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"If just one persons life is saved as a direct result, it is worth the effort"

Best 12 Step Recovery  on the Ocean
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31 90 in 90

61 Big Book Study Broward

02 Home Page

32 AA U.S.A.

62 Big Book Study Dade

03 About Us - Web Site Tour!

33 AA Broward

63 Drug Relapse Info

04 Our History - Web Site Tour!

34 AA Dade

64 Florida Sober Housing

05 Our Mission - Web Site Tour!

35 AA South Florida

65 Florida Sober Jobs

06 Winners Circle - Web Site Tour!

36 AA Help Global

66 Florida Sober Living

07 General Info - Web Site Tour!

37 AA Help U.S.A.

67 Halfway House Men

08 Admission - Web Site Tour!

38 AA Help Broward

68 Halfway House Women

09 Registration - Web Site Tour!

39 AA Help Dade

69 Intervention U.S.A.

10 Take a Tour

40 AA Meetings Info

70 Intervention Broward

11 Web Site Tour & Help!

41 AA Meetings U.S.A.

71 Intervention Dade

12 Video Presentation

42 AA Meetings Broward

72 New to Sobriety?

13 Live Webcam Tour & Help!

43 AA Meetings Dade

73 Pill Problem?

14 Picture and Slide Show

44 AA Recovery Global

74 Sober Chat Rooms

15 FAQ's

45 AA Sponsor Info

75 Sober Living Men

16 Suggestions

46 AA Treatment Global

76 Sober Living Women

17 Contact Us

47 AA Treatment U.S.A.

77 Sober Living on the Ocean

18 Inquiry Staff

48 AA Treatment Broward

78 Sober Miami

19 Inquiry Director

49 AA Treatment Dade

79 Sobriety U.S.A.

20 Inquiry Webmaster

50 Addiction U.S.A.

80 Step Study Info

21 Feedback

51 Addiction Broward


22 Recovery Help & Recourses

52 Addiction Dade

Bill W. Audio Recordings

23 Broward County

53 Alcoholic Relapse Info

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24 Dade County

54 Alcoholic Treatment Info


25 United States

55 Alcoholic Treatment U.S.A.

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26 Global - World Wide

56 Alcoholic Treatment Broward

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27 Forum

57 Alcoholic Treatment Dade


28 Web Site Map

58 All Addiction Info

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29 Ocean Cam Live & Help!

59 Big Book Study Info

30 Local Hollywood Weather

60 Big Book Study U.S.A.



"That if just one persons life is saved as a direct result, it is worth the effort"




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The12 Step Recovery Help and Resource Center is a Public Service Provided by the Cleveland House.

If you need help, just call us. Your life is the most important aspect of all.

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4.000 Resources

24 Hour On-line 12 Step Recovery  Help & Resource Center

80 Great Categories

Resource Center Home Page

No Login - No Password - No Fee or Dues - Remain Anonymous! Free Resources for the Recovering 12 Step Community



There are 7 million members in 50 different 12 Step Recovery  programs on a global basis. Obtain the help you need or help others in recovery now.

90 Meetings in 90 Days

AA Meetings USA

Addiction Broward

Big Book Study Broward

Intervention Dade


AA Meetings Broward

Addiction Dade

Big Book Study Dade

New to Sobriety?

AA Broward

AA Meetings Dade

Alcoholic Relapse Info

Drug Relapse Info

Pill Problem?

AA Dade

AA Recovery Global

Alcoholic Treatment Info

Florida Sober Housing

Sober Chat Rooms

AA South Florida

AA Sponsor Info

Alcoholic Treatment USA

Florida Sober Jobs

Sober Living Men

AA Help Global

AA Treatment Global

Alcoholic Treatment Broward

Florida Sober Living

Sober Living Women


AA Treatment USA

Alcoholic Treatment Dade

Halfway House Men

Sober Living on the Ocean

AA Help Broward

AA Treatment Broward

All Addiction Info

Halfway House Women

Sober Miami

AA Help Dade

AA Treatment Dade

Big Book Study Info

Intervention USA

Sobriety USA

AA Meetings Info

Addiction USA

Big Book Study USA

Intervention Broward

Step Study Info

30 Additional Local Government and Business Categories below offer Free, Discount and or Fee Based Services, Help and or Resources for the 12 Step Community!

Legal Help Broward

Medical Help Broward

Financial Help Broward

Education Help Broward

Transportation Help Broward

Legal Help Dade

Medical Help Dade

Financial Help Dade

Education Help Dade

Transportation Help Dade

Legal Help South Florida

Medical Help South Florida

Financial Help South Florida

Education Help South Florida

Transportation Help South Fl

Travel Help Broward

Food Help Broward

Housing Help Broward

Entertainment Broward

Other Help Broward

Travel Help Dade

Food Help Dade

Housing Help Dade

Entertainment Dade

Other Help Dade

Travel Help South Florida

Food Help South Florida

Housing Help south Florida

Entertainment South Florida

Other Help South Florida


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