What is Addiction?

For a lot of people, alcohol or drug use starts out seemingly harmless enough. You participate in social settings and then consume substances to try to dull physical or emotional pain. Before you’re aware of it, though, alcohol or drugs are controlling you. Your brain chemistry is severely impacted, signaling an intense physical need for more. Now, this recreational use has become an addiction, affecting all areas of your life.

Alcohol Addiction

Addiction alcohol may start innocently enough with a beer or two while watching a game, drinks with friends, wine with dinner, or champagne at a wedding. However, it can develop into dependence; people find they need a drink to function. Alcohol abuse can lead to strained work and personal relationships, cause physical issues, and a shift in priorities.

Drug Addiction

From marijuana and cocaine to fentanyl, heroin, meth, and prescription pain pills like oxycontin, drug abuse increases with use. Whether it is illegal substances used recreationally or prescription drugs acquired for legitimate medical reasons, the misuse of these mood-altering substances has severe negative consequences with a psychological and physical toll that can’t be underestimated or ignored.

Our clinical team is expertly trained and experienced in addiction recovery and treatment, and we’re ready to help

  The Cleveland House believes that you deserve the best evidence-based, in-class addiction treatment. The Cleveland House was originally founded as a halfway house for substance abuse. Addiction devastates its victims, their loved ones, friends, and families. It’s our mission to save lives with expert, caring, evidence-based addiction treatment. Our clinical team comprising specialists are standing by to assist you and your family in making it through this tough time, creating a fulfilling, healthy future. Our addiction recovery and treatment offer you the skills, tools, expertise, and community support to accomplish sobriety and recovery. Through medications for addiction treatment, 12 step methodology, and a foundation of evidence-based treatment principles, we’ll work with you every step of the way so you can live the life you deserve.

Personalized addiction treatment programs for your needs

You’re unique, just like our specialized treatment programs. The Cleveland House doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter treatment because we understand that your desires and experience are unlike anyone else’s. At The Cleveland House, we provide specialized programs to meet your needs.

Break the Cycle

At The Cleveland House, we acknowledge the severity of the trauma, addiction, and co-occurring mental health issues of substance abuse. In a nurturing and safe community of their peers, we guide people on a personal recovery journey by identifying the root causes of their disorders and offering the tools they need to heal. Call us now!