Frequently Asked Questions


For those seeking a sober living home or halfway house, here are some common questions & answers…

Q: Can Cleveland House be used as an alternative to having to go to drug treatment?
A: Many people will move into Cleveland House as a transition point following a stay in a drug rehab center, which is always recommended in order to further build your new foundation in recovery. In some cases, a person may instead choose to utilize our semi-structured recovery housing environment as an alternative to going to treatment. As long as the person can test clean of any drugs or alcohol prior to moving in, they are welcome. Every addict & alcoholic is different and must have their own experience in sobriety. One thing is for certain, however, and that is that if they are ready to change their life and are truly open to following new direction, anything is possible. Many people come to Cleveland House as their first stage of recovery and find great success.
Q: What do the residents do during the day?
A: We require people to remain proactive in building their life in sobriety. Whether this means going to work, attending school, going to AA or NA meetings, volunteering, or whatever. The purpose of sober living is to build a foundation, not just in recovery, but also in life in general.
Q: How long do most people stay at Cleveland House?
A: The fact is, the longer you stay the better chances you have at success. And success doesn’t just mean the length of sobriety, but also the quality of sobriety. We always recommend a 6-month commitment upon entrance. We often have residents living here for a year or more. The fact is, we have a good time here and many times residents find that it’s less expensive and more conducive to be here rather than living on their own.
Q: Can family and friends come visit a resident leaving?
A: Absolutely. In fact, we encourage building family and friend relations, that is one of the gifts of sobriety. As long as the visitor/s are free of drugs or alcohol and respectful, they are more than welcome to visit.
Q: Are there any alumni benefits for those finishing their stay at Cleveland House?
A: Absolutely! After 20+ of existence as one of South Florida’s pioneers in sober living, we have a vast network of sober alumni and we love having events like parties, barbeques, house meetings and more.
No two sober living homes are ultimately alike, and this truth applies whether you’re in Florida or anywhere else around the nation. There are certain elements that are commonly seen throughout most of them, however, like no drugs or alcohol being allowed.

Here at Cleveland House, we pride ourselves on our 20+ years of leadership within the addiction recovery housing community. Many other sober living homes have actually looked to us for guidance in their own daily operations. As always, we are honored to contribute all we can to the world of recovery!

If you or someone you know has any additional questions about living at Cleveland House, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (954) 931-2500 or