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Cleveland House General Information

Our objective for our residents, is is to provide a quality standard of excellence for sober living. We offer a structure for maintaining a well balanced recovery-centered life.

We are all about “Staying Sober Daily” and that is our primary focus. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. There is no exception to this policy, for any reason.

Desiring to live a sober lifestyle, our residents are provided assistance and guidance in the 12 Steps of Recovery. This includes meeting attendance, sponsorship, 12 Step book study, workshops, 12 Step real time application in life and fellowship.

A suggested daily routine of physical exercise is important and our residents have access to plenty of options including sports, walking and running, swimming and much more.

Out side services are available and can be coordinated with assistance for counseling, or medical issues to include a wide variety of professional services available.

The vast majority of our residents work and are employed with various work schedules. It is important that residents move forward in life and we encourage this.

Our sober living resort offers modern apartment living, barbeque area, laundry area, an out door heated swimming pool, the beach, ocean and all of the wonderful attractions and events South Florida’s Hollywood Beach, has to offer.

Management and or staff are on the property 24 hours daily and our residents are never with out guidance, encouragement and support from us..

Providing all the Amenities, that make "Sober Living" rewarding are listed below.


Vending Machines on Property - Quality Ice Cream, Snacks, Starbucks Coffee®, Juice, Soda and More!

If just one persons life is saved as a direct result, it is worth the effort.
If you need help, just call us Toll Free at 1-888-80-SOBER. You will be very glad you did.




320 Cleveland Street Hollywood, FL 33019.





1-888-80-SOBER / TXT: 954-991-2500

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