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Our Mission - To Help you Live a Sober Life Style

The Cleveland House provides a wonderful environment with all of the amenities for only one purpose – to allow someone new to recovery, every opportunity to become successful.

Alcohol and drug addiction are serious issues that effect individuals worldwide. Heartache and despair, matters of health, legal circumstances and institutionalization are common bi-products of the disease.

The families of those that suffer from addiction suffer also. Recovery from the horrors of addiction and alcoholism is not a walk in the park, but it is certainly better than the alternative.  Getting started and having a built-in support network is another bonus of living at The Cleveland House.  Give yourself a break and come stay in paradise and get back your life.

Our Mission is to Help You Find a New Way of Life

 Jobs lost, financial devastation and legal calamity are often accompanied by depression, anxiety and is common among those effected by this disease. At this point, in most cases, all seems hopeless and the one addicted may also become abandoned by every person in their life.

Our logo is a life preserver, and our mission is to help those reaching out to save themselves. To assist those “Lost in a Sea of Emotions and Circumstance”. To offer a new way of life. To never pick up a drink or a drug again. To, upon a miracle taking place, obtain a new freedom and a new happiness that will last a lifetime.

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The Cleveland House functions and adheres to the principles of the 12 Steps of Recovery. The Cleveland House offers a fine example of the 12th Step – One whom has suffered and overcome successfully, reaching out to assist one who is suffering and willing to take that first step to change their life.

To offer hope where there has been despair, to offer light when there has been darkness, to offer laughter when there has been tears and to above all else live a addiction-free life one second, one minute, one hour and one day at a time.

After an honest look at oneself, combined with hard work and guidance through the 12 Steps of Recovery, we see winners emerge. Families are reunited, that employment is obtained, legal circumstances are resolved, lives are changed and the recovering individual becomes willing to give back what they have received.

This is our mission at the Cleveland House. There is no amount of money or material possessions that could ever replace the joy of seeing one drowning in a sea of addiction in their life, obtain a sober lifestyle and never backslide in life again.

If just one persons life is saved as a direct result, it is worth the effort.

If you need help, just call us Toll Free at 1-888-80-SOBER. Your life is the most important aspect of all, call right now. You will be very glad you did.

100 Steps to the Ocean,
12 Steps to a New Way of Life!

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