Is kratom allowed in sober living

Why Is Kratom Use Legal In Sober Living Homes In South Florida?

Can you use kratom and possess kratom legally in a Florida sober living home?

Kratom is a plant-based supplement which acts on the opioid receptor like an opioid drug. Kratom products, including Kratom powder, drinks, and teas, are readily available.

The drug enforcement administration did attempt to outlaw kratom use and kratom sales. Because of push back from the industry, they left kratom legal for now, in spite of concerns of substance abuse and kratom dangers.

People with drug addiction involving opioids or opiates may do a kratom detox to help them to get through opioid withdrawal. There are no addiction treatment programs using the substance as an addiction resource to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms or opioid cravings.

Just because kratom is a legal substance, does that mean it is safe for people with an opioid addiction to use? Is it permissible to bring it into a sober living house?

How common is kratom abuse and kratom addiction?

While not technically considered an opioid, kratom acts just like an opioid. Kratom addiction and kratom withdrawal syndromes do occur with regular use.

In fact, there are rehab programs dedicated to helping kratom users with kratom addiction treatment. Using kratom to treat opioid addiction is a form of drug abuse.

Kratom is not a legitimate treatment for any mental health condition. It is not a form of mental health treatment or addiction treatment.

Should every sober home include kratom on their drug test panel?

When residents leave a rehab center or drug treatment center to enter a recovery residence, kratom use should not be allowed. While kratom may help some opioid-addicted people with opiate withdrawal, there is a high risk of kratom addiction, and cravings for stronger opioids.

Kratom powder in the sober living home may undermine the recovery of other residents. The kratom legal status should not confuse anyone.

Kratom should be thought of as an opioid drug.

The manager of the sober living house should counsel residents on the dangers of kratom use. While some people may claim to have had beneficial outcomes from using kratom, it poses a danger to opioid addiction recovery.

Kratom abuse is becoming a serious problem in the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida area. Even though kratom is legal and readily available, it is not safe for young men in recovery for opioid addiction.

Kratom use should be avoided by anyone with a history of opiate addiction, or opioid use disorder. Sober living homes should ban the substance, and educate their clients about its dangers.

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